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Limited Edition KromeEmblems
KromeEmblems FX Emblem
Made in the U.S.,A.

The Process

The Process - Step One
Step One:
Computer Design
  • We take your 2-D or 3-D sketch and suggest a 3-D design
  • 3-D renderings zero in on your perfect design
  • Colors and Textures are added where appropriate
The Process - Step Two
Step Two:
  • Mold design is started and we create a 3-D model of your emblem
  • Textures and details are carefully carved to match your emblem design
The Process - Step Three
Step three:
Flat Sheet
  • Color is added to your Krome sheet
  • Colors are selected from a standard list or created to match your Pantone
  • Metallic and Translucent options are available
  • All colors are coated with a UV Protective layer for extra durability
The Process - Step Four
Step Four:
Formed Sheet
  • The Krome sheet is then pressed into the mold to create a 3-D emblem using your design
The Process - Step Five
Step Five:
Finished Emblem
  • The Krome sheet is then pressed into the mold to create a 3-D emblem using your design
  • Your KromeEmblem comes to life

About Us

KromeEmblems give your company a fantastic opportunity to elevate your brand by making it shine above all others in your marketplace. We help your ideas take shape and offer all the services you need from design to production.



  • KromeEnblems are a cost-effective way to enhance your brand
  • Concept to fully-developed 3-D chrome emblem at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing
Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

  • Our streamlined system cuts down the time it usually takes to manufacture emblems of this quality
  • The KromeEmblems process allows for quick changes, adaptations, and final results
Short Run? No Problem!

Short Runs? No Problem!

  • KromeEmblems are well-suited to production in low quantities
  • Order in amounts that meet your immediate needs
  • Easy to reorder when necessary

using kromex PATENTED technology

We can generate concepts.


  • KromeEmblems  give you the ability to take your emblem or logo and design it in full 3-D
  • Flexible chrome materials adapt to some curved surfaces
  • Durable for outdoor applications
We can design your emblem.


  • KromeEmblems rise as much as 6mm above the label surface for dramatic 3-D effects
  • Curves, sharp angles, and textures can all be designed into your project
  • A wide range of colors can be added including transparent, metallic and Pantone colors
  • All inks are rated for a long outdoor life and are coated with a UV protective layer to guard against fading
We manufacture your emblems on site.


  • The complete production process for KromeEmblems is performed in-house at our own facility
  • Color options, mold creation, testing and first articles provided on site
KromeEmblem oval design.
KromeEmblem Eagle Design
KromeEmblem LIMITED logo

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