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Automotive Applications

Add Value

Add Value

Accessory package branding along with your dealership name are essential parts of adding value to your vehicles.

Use KromeEmblems to attract the attention of your customers and enhance your brand.

Professional automotive-grade emblems similar to the manufactures' emblems, grab the attention of customers in the showroom and in the service lane.

We can generate concepts.

Concept - Accessories

The accessories market is rapidly growing and many dealerships are getting into the accessories game.

Ford informed dealers that their new Bronco will be the #1 accessorized vehicle in the world.

Nissan also announced a new line of Nismo accessories for their new Frontier and other vehicles.

Dealers can offer customers a range of upgrade packages. For example, a "Gold Edition" branded package could include a spray-in liner, window tinting, floor mats, bed cover, remote start, etc.

KromeEmblems provide an essential role with professional branding for your upgrade packages.

We manufacture your emblems on site.


KromeEmblems produce the complete 3-D emblems in house from design to final production.

Emblems can be designed with customizable sections for multiple product lines.

Put our design and manufacturing teams to work for you and capitalize on this growing trend in the marketplace.

KromeEmblems give your company a fantastic opportunity to elevate your brand by making it shine above all others in your marketplace. We help your ideas take shape and offer all the services you need from design to production.